Strengthening Collaboration: Indian Partners' Return Visit to Microprofit Biotech

On November 1, 2023, Ms. Liu Ying, the General Manager of Microprofit Biotech, and Ms. Zou Linjuan, Head of the Overseas Sales Team, warmly welcomed our Indian partners for a second visit. We were honored to host our Indian collaborators again, with the aim of deepening our cooperation.

During the meeting, both sides shared their past success stories and experiences in a transparent and fruitful exchange. Discussions covered product quality, technological innovations, and market expansion. Representatives from each side actively shared insights into their respective countries' healthcare practices and systems, establishing a stronger foundation for future collaboration.


The return visit from our Indian partners not only reaffirms the strength of our long-term relationship but also reflects their trust in our products and services. Both parties remain committed to maintaining close communication, furthering collaboration, and laying a solid groundwork for expanding our presence in the Indian market while delivering high-quality services and products.