Unity and Focus | Successful Conclusion of the 2023 Distributor Conference

On October 30, 2023, the Microprofit Biotech 2023 Domestic Distributor Conference took place at the company's headquarters, the Microprofit Building. Partners from across the country gathered to share the vision for the future. The conference provided a comprehensive review and outlook on the company's products and the market, outlining the company's future strategic plans, business expansion, market analysis, and industry trends. This event aimed to empower partners to seize market opportunities more accurately, ensuring mutual success.
During the conference, Ms. Liu Ying, the General Manager of Microprofit Biotech, presented the company's latest strategic plan based on the current medical market analysis.Currently, over 100 million individuals have benefited from our reproductive tract infection test solution products. Our FIA quantitative POCT Platform has served more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. The launch of our respiratory virus rapid test solution has broken the monopoly in the European and American markets, benefiting even more people.
Ms. Liu Ying stated, "In the future, the company will integrate resources, increase research and development investments, continuously expand our product lines, such as intelligent diagnostic equipment like digital mammography systems and new immunofluorescence quantitative analyzers. We will also optimize our products to serve a wider audience with high-quality, affordable products and enhance the market incentive policies for our distributors, fostering mutual growth."
Dr. Zhi Xiaoying, Microprofit Biotech's Chief Scientist and Director of the Innovation Center, provided detailed insights into the company's key projects - immune cell storage and immune cell transfusion therapy. Mr. Zhou Shengguo, the Sales Director, shared the current status of the reproductive infection field and successful case studies. Mr. Lin Xiaoge, the Director of POCT Research and Development, discussed current achievements in POCT research and introduced new products and future research directions. Mr. Guo Zhenhua, the Director of Medical Equipment Research and Development, introduced immunofluorescence quantitative analyzers, intelligent diagnostic equipment platforms, and imaging equipment, gradually building a more comprehensive one-stop solution.
After the Microprofit team's presentations, attendees had the opportunity to visit the research and development center's laboratories and the production floor (covering 12,000 square meters). Distributors witnessed the company's determination for future growth firsthand, undoubtedly laying a solid foundation for our continued cooperation.
This conference deepened our collaboration, enhancing both our professional and emotional connections. We firmly believe that in the not-so-distant future, Microprofit's products will shine as a rising star in the medical field, achieving mutual success with every Microprofit Biotech partner.