Microprofit Biotech's Relocation Ceremony Held Successfully, Embarking on a New Journey!

On the morning of June 18th at exactly 10:00 am, the relocation ceremony of Microprofit Biotech took place in the new office.

During the event, General Manager Liu Ying reviewed the development and achievements of Microprofit Biotech, encouraging all employees to work together, have confidence, and achieve new performance. She wished Microprofit Biotech continued success and even more remarkable accomplishments.
General Manager Liu Ying stated, "On this auspicious day, as Microprofit Biotech moves to its new home, it marks a new starting point for the company's journey towards the future. I believe that in the near future, Microprofit Biotech will become a more socially influential and respected technologically advanced enterprise, shining brightly in the field of biotechnology in Shenzhen, and even the whole country. This is a new journey for Microprofit Biotech and the dream of all Microprofit Biotech employees!"


Amidst crackers, applause, and lion dance beats, Microprofit Biotech began its flourishing journey. Golden scissors marked the start. Champagne flowed, celebrating the occasion. Guests unveiled the red cloth, symbolizing a new path. A beautiful cake awaited the leaders, who cut the first slice, symbolizing unity and prosperity. The joyous celebration, lion dance, champagne aroma, and delicious cake created cherished memories for all attendees.

Through perseverance and determination, Microprofit Biotech has adhered to the principles of dedicating knowledge and creating the future since its establishment in 2009. It considers responding to societal concerns and benefiting the public as its greatest social responsibility, and promoting social progress as its noble mission. Over the past fourteen years, our colleagues at Microprofit Biotech have been dedicated to technological innovation and overcoming numerous challenges. Our self-owned brand, fluorecare®, has launched the FIA quantitative POCT platform, and our respiratory virus infection test kits are selling well in 100+ countries and regions overseas, gradually establishing a global sales and service network.

In the future, we will continue to engage in the IVD industry, integrating disease diagnosis and treatment with health management as the main direction of our industrial development. On one hand, we will strive to climb to the top of the industry chain, develop core materials for in vitro diagnostic reagents, and research new treatment technologies for common major diseases, becoming an upstream enterprise in the industry chain. On the other hand, we will maintain our leading position in the field of reproductive tract infections in China, expand our current product line, capture a larger share of the international market, and strive for greater strength and growth worldwide.

We will build Microprofit Biotech into an internationally competitive benchmark enterprise and an industry leader through a strategy that combines technological advancement and solid market presence. With a spirit of practicality, perseverance, and selflessness, we will contribute to the high-quality development of the medical device industry in Longhua District of Shenzhen, radiating our brilliance and passion!


To commemorate this wonderful moment, the company's leadership and all staff members took a group photo. This relocation marks another milestone in the development of Microprofit Biotech, and all employees will take it as an opportunity to work diligently, march forward with determination, and create a new chapter of high-quality development for Microprofit Biotech.