fluorecare COVID-19 antigen test kit listed by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Germany

We are glad to announce that in the last updated: 18.02.2021, fluorecare COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit has been listed in the table by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Germany.
This comparative evaluation of a large number of SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen tests (point of care tests; POCT) of different designs and manufacturers with the same sample set allows an overview of the current state of art regarding sensitivity. Those POCTs which have up to now been included in the evaluation and have been assessed as reflecting the current state of the art are listed in the table.
Laboratories participating in the comparative evaluation included the Robert Koch-Institut, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, the reference laboratory for coronaviruses (Charité), and the Institute for Microbiology of the German Army (Bundeswehr).