Microprofit Biotech donated 100,000 masks to Health and Family Planning Bureau of Huidong County

With the normalization of domestic epidemic prevention and control, all provinces, cities and regions across the country have fully promoted the resumption of production and working, helping to restore normal economic and social order. However, the current spread of overseas epidemic situation has not been effectively curbed, and there have been clustered epidemic outbreaks in certain areas of the country. There is still great uncertainty in the Covid-19 epidemic situation. At this stage, masks are still the first line of defense for personal protection.

Recently, in order to help normalize the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Huidong County, Microprofit Biotech donated 100,000 masks to the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Huidong County. These batches of masks are fuorecare® disposable protective masks produced by Microprofit Biotech.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, Microprofit Biotech has responded positively and quickly in the production of fluorecare® Covid-19 test kits and disposable medical masks. At present, the related products of Microprofit Biotech have entered the "White list" of the Ministry of Commerce and CCCMHPIE, and will be sold to overseas markets to assist people in other countries and regions to fight against the epidemic.