Microprofit Biotech's Performance in MEDLAB 2018

 During this MedLab 2018, Microprofit Biotech displayed Dry-type Immunofluorescence Quantitative Testing Platform and shared with visitors from all over the world.

MEDLAB Middle East is one of the biggest professional laboratory diagnostic product exhibitions. Products with fluorecare brand name have attracted high attention of coming visitors. 

fluorecare Dry-type Immunofluorescence Quantitative Detection product, as a new product of Microprofit Biotech promoting to the international market, has attracted high interest of customers from many countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and so on. At the beginning of 2018, the MEDLAB exhibition became the first shot of Microprofit Biotech. We believe that Microprofit Biotech will make a result in business in 2018 and the future with the opportunity of MEDLAB. At the same time, we wish all of our friends happy new year.